My week’s interactions with the world

This will be a very brief post. It is Monday lunchtime, roughly 80 hours after I found out the results of the UK referendum on the EU. I thought I would write down the summary of my last seven days in terms of my interactions with others, just as a useful counterpoint to the Brexit news. I think it speaks for itself.

Monday: left my partner in Germany in the early morning, to get back to Italy. At work, met my Catalan colleague who was due to fly to Brussels for a European Research Council grant interview. Skyped with my Italian boss, currently in New York.

Tuesday: had worked until 2am, so not particularly productive today. E-mail (in French) from a Polish friend asking when she should come to help with house renovation in Germany.

Wednesday: research meeting with my Italian and Romanian colleagues. Then great news. Mozilla has awarded a little funding to our open source project, PeARS. Amongst other things, it will allow my Iranian colleague (currently in Germany), my British collaborator and myself to meet up with the three members of our Indian team.

Thursday: Skype meeting with German colleagues and the Croatian collaborator currently in Australia. Skype meeting with my US colleague (currently living with her Italian husband in Germany). Lunch with my Dutch colleague. Finalised student marks – very happy that an excellent Vietnamese student is to go to the Netherlands on Erasmus funding for a while. Chatting with Argentinian and Greek colleagues over e-mail.

Friday: woke up to Brexit disaster. Communicating with British, German and Czech friends, and many others on twitter.

Saturday: Slovenian friend poking me about the house renovation. Skype meeting with PeARS team (Europe and India). Back to twitter to check on UK friends. Person from Belarus makes contact to ask how they can contribute to PeARS. Long conversation over Skype with British friend.

Sunday: more of Saturday.

Now, to the Brexit voters who were protesting ‘against immigration’: this is my fourth temporary job and my third EU country in five years. Quite a few of the people mentioned above are in the same situation. And we’re not doing it for the jetset. We too sometimes wish we could stay on our little island, see our partners every night and not have to wonder which country that good pair of socks stayed in. We’re doing it because we need work and because we’re trying to do what we love – research. Being in this together is the most precious thing we have and whoever says we don’t need each other is so, so wrong.

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