My field of research is computational semantics, with an emphasis on formal and distributional semantics. I am particularly interested in the formalisation of quantification and genericity. Some of my current research projects are listed below.

  • I am investigating how traditional representations of quantifiers can be ported to a distributional semantics setting.
  • A long-term project: I am researching how to combine set-theoretic and distributional semantics. I am particularly interested in the philosophical problems that arise when conceptualising this combination. In other words, what is a semantics that is both Tarskian and Wittgensteinian?
  • I am generally interested in reference phenomena. I am looking at the ways in which distributional semantics can be of help in identifying co-references and bridging references.
  • Recently, I have been working on second language acquisition (specifically, English), and how distributional semantics can help capturing learners’ mistakes at the lexical level.
  • I have ongoing collaborations with philosophers on the topic of using distributional representations for investigating philosophical problems related to ordinary language.

I have also worked on the ordering of binomials, on coordination disambiguation using lexical (distributional) information.